CYBERDUX -- Microcomputer Applications




1. Advanced Magnetic Disk Head Tester (in progress).


2. Design of fire remote controlled forest fire suppression module to be mounted on hybrid airship (60% lift from Helium, 40% from aerodynamics)  (in planning)





3. Deep Temperature core body temperature prototype using ZWorld 3500.


4.   Advanced Chamber controller utilizing multiple microprocessors communicating over I2C bus, C and Assembly language 68HC08 Analog I/O processor, 68HC08 GPIB processor, 5206e ColdFire main processor utilizing object orient methods in C++ and interrupt routines in Assembly.   Incorporates 3 independent multi-staged PID controllers, thermocouple, RTD, voltage, current, pressure, humidity, etc sensors.  JC Systems 2020 Web Page    2020 FastTRAC Data Sheet


5.  Created object oriented programming framework in C++, MOSAICA, Message Object Signal And Information Control, Active Framework, for rapid embedded systems software design using “plug and play” nodes with automatic forward and loop back messaging, serialization, command processor, configuration object, etc.


6.    Real Time Operating system for ColdFire 32bit RISC microprocessor.


7.  Designed and coded software algorithm to be used to allow a single web appliance communicate with Glucose meters of various manufactures.


8.   Developed discriminant algorithm to determine periods and stage of REM and non-REM sleep from EOG and EMG inputs.





9. Designed and manufactured eight channel medical data logger to be worn on the wrist and log activity, light, temperature, EMG, and other inputs.   Purchased by Lockheed/NASA for use on the International Space Station.




10. Developed thermocouple matrix sensor with algorithm to deconvolute junction temperature, for use in breast cancer screening detection of tumor hot spots.


11. Deep body thermometer using PID controlled heater to null output of heatflow sensor and thermistors matrix. Developed algorithm to correct for differences in body fat and vascularization.    Developed algorithm to measure body fat.




12. Developed recalibration algorithm for tympanic thermometers and implemented it on hardware interfaced to PC. Designed pop up menu system and screens and wrote software for testing, recalibration, with data base, reporting, file compression, etc.


13.MTS-200 mileage tracker for automatic logging of business, personal, commute, etc. miles for automobile aftermarket and upload to PC.




14.Developed algorithm for converting thermopile and other sensor inputs into temperature for an tympanic infrared medical thermometer (co-inventor on IMS patent #5,293,877).







15.Designed and implemented computer controlled calibration and testing system current in use in the manufacture of infrared medical thermometers. System consists of simultaneous real time communication between PC and 12 thermometers, rotary air- table position sensors and solenoid control, 16 precision thermistors for chamber and target sensors and communication and control of PID temperature controller.



16.Designed and implemented thermopile test system to compute and model internal thermopile time constants. Includes automatic ambient and target temperature control, data acquisition and analysis.


17.Designed and manufactured microprocessor based timer with brightness controlled eye-lights to be worn by horses and used to simulate the onset of spring and control the breeding season.





18.Metabolic monitor simulator for use in evaluation of algorithms used in hospital respiratory system.


19.Two channel enhanced PID test chamber controller with heat/cool, relative humidity, altitude, cascade feedforward, alphanumeric display, serial and GPIB interface. JC Systems 620 Web Page





20.Second generation battery powered activity monitor with dual light sensors and accelerometer, parameter generation and download from IBM PC.



21.Underwater datalogger with sixteen auto-ranging analog inputs for use in measuring light, temperature, pressure, etc. Serial setup from remote system.


22.Energy management controller with 98 input triggered and real-time programs for switching circuits in response to external time events as well as clock and calendar time.


23.Algorithms for pipe bending machine to convert multiple pipe extension, bend & rotation commands into X-Y-Z co-ordinates to check when any part of pipe contacts machine and to estimate collet torque for sag adjustment.


24.Programmable panel mount meter with auxiliary keypad for measuring voltage, frequency, period, time delay, counts, peak, valley, etc. with programmable gain and offset for engineering unit display.


25.Data-logger with internal printer, RS-232/422 interface, real-time clock and selectable output fields for use with temperature chamber controllers.


26.Temperature controller industry survey.


27.Small panel mount programmable temperature controller for low cost applications featuring PID control, 4-segment ramp and soak profile with alarms, auxiliary output, forward/reverse acting, 4 thermocouple types or linear input, custom liquid crystal display with 16 enunciators and 12-key input using single chip masked CPU for high volume production.



28.Wristwatch data-logger for activity and light monitoring with parameter download and data capture from IBM PC.






29.FORTRAN interface for PERTEC tape drive to IBM PC.


30.Industry survey of Expert System Shells available for the IBM PC.


31.Fully synthesized military manpack radio with automatic, synchronized frequency hopping during transmission and reception for communications security.




32.Video-assisted cutter for precision electronic ceramic applications. Uses CCD camera for adjusting cut position with measurement accuracy to 0.0001 inch.





33.Portable infusion pump for ambulatory chemotherapy patients.





34.Diode handler. Software control for machine to test and sort diodes prior to lead attachment.


35.Sixteen Cavity computer controlled thermal processing system. Allows separate control of up to sixteen different temperature profiles running simultaneously, with magnetic tape cartridge for storage and retrieval of profiles. Implemented with a multiple microcomputers, 1 host and 4 slaves (4 kilns per slave) in a single cabinet. Temperature control ambient to 1550 C. Features an enhanced PID control algorithm and user friendliness.


36.Kiln emulator, a mathematical model which can represent any kiln, used to fit parameters and test PID loop for temperature controllers.


37.GPIB IEEE-488 interfaces to autosequencer, two heating- cooling temperature controllers, and a hot spot detector.


37.Battery powered spectroradiometer system for automatic underwater or laboratory spectral data acquisition. Contains an integral printer and hand-held alphanumeric mini-terminal, auto ranging to increase dynamic range, real-time clock and automatic power up-down for battery conservation in a pressure case.




39.Master/slave protocol for dual spectroradiometers utilizing the same line for transmission of compacted data from underwater to shipboard computers.


40.Hot Spot Detection system for finding hot spots in silicon wafers.





41.Auto-sequencer for controlling capacitance/voltage test system.




42.Sequencing thermal profiler with proportional closed loop temperature control for CV plotting in the electronics testing industry.



43.Temperature controllers with proportional heating and cooling with CO2 used to achieve -65 degrees C.




44.Software for several precision ceramic cutting machines. Both optical sensing and programmable models and using both stepping and servo motors.





45.Multi-channel data acquisition system for real-time shipboard oxygen, temperature, and light measurement.


46.Portable digital cassette reader with display and printer in aluminum suitcase.




47.Multi-channel analyzer and scanning electron microscope interface to microcomputer floppy disk system for interactive data acquisition and retrieval.


48.Microcomputer system with UT-200 protocol for communication with large mainframes. Used with CRAY-I and CDC 7600.


49.Computer compatible tally counter for micropaleontologists.


50.Microprocessor controlled scanning densitometer for X-ray analysis of the structure of ocean bottom sediments.




51.Microcomputer system for automatic real-time testing and calibration of vector averaging current meters. Includes cassette to 9-track transcription, computer simulation of ocean currents via stepper motors and analysis of results.






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