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         We design sophisticated embedded systems, microprocessor and microcomputer based products for medical and industrial applications.    More Photos     Project List



         We know how to LISTEN 

We know what questions to ask.

We know how to set product specifications. We document first.

We know specifications change. We write code that's easily maintained.


         We have the Experience

We have been in this business for 25 years.

We were here to support our clients in the past.

We will be here to support you in the future.


         We have the Resources

             If we canít solve your problem, we have an associate who can.


         We have MOSAICA

             We are developing MOSAICA to speed your embedded product development.

             MOSAICA decreases your embedded product development cost.

             Simplifies product maintenance and future enhancements.

             Works with any operating system (embedded or PC).

             Makes program maintenance easy for your programmers and low cost for you.


For information on Peter Crill's recent lecture at the Jordan University of Science and Technology click on the flag below.




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