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Peter Crill has been designing microprocessor based instrumentation for over 20 years, first as a Senior Programmer at the University of California, and then leaving in 1981 to pursue consulting full time. He has continued to develop microprocessor based instrumentation with Cyberdux, his consulting company since then. Among his more than 40 projects include a number of enhanced PID temperature and process variable controllers and multichannel medical data loggers. In addition he developed the measurement algorithm and created the calibration system used by the Kendall Healthcare Genius(tm) tympanic thermometer.  He was a co-inventor on the tympanic patent and was under contract with Sherwood/Kendall Healthcare for six years.  His wrist-worn activity monitor has flown on the space shuttle and a later model has been developed for Lockheed/NASA to be used in the International Space Station.  Details



Cyberdux has been providing software and hardware design support for a wide range of commercial and industrial products. Areas of experience include process control algorithm development, sensor design and multivariate statistics and calibration techniques, applications programming, systems analysis, project management, expert witness, dispute arbitration, assembly languages, Visual BASIC, C/C++, MFC and Visual C++, Pascal, FORTRAN, MATLAB, LabVIEW, and the statistical language SPLUS, mathematical modeling, statistics, device drivers, and thermal sensor design. The processors used have included  the Rabbit 3500, TI 2812 Digital Signal Processor, MC6800/01/03/05/09, MC68HC08, MC68HC11, MC68HC16, MC68000, MC68008, MC5206e ColdFire, HD63L05, Z80, HD64180, MCS8031 and the Intel 80x86 family.


Cyberdux has access to a number of other proven consultants in the areas of software, electronics, mechanical and packaging design and does prototype and small run manufacturing.  We currently manufacture the previously mentioned Actillume used all over the world for research in sleep and shift work, seasonal affective disorder, and space science.   Some recent clients include, Kendall Healthcare (formerly Sherwood Davis & Geck Inc.), Lockheed/NASA,    Ambulatory Monitoring, Inc., and J. C. Systems, Inc.



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