Peter Crill Bio

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        7/1/81 - present   Full time microproc. app. consultant, Cyberdux

        4/1/80 - 6/30/81   Senior Programmer, Univ. of Calif., San Diego

        10/1/76 - 3/31/80  Programmer, UCSD

        7/1/72 - 9/30/76   Assistant Programmer, UCSD

        8/1/71 - 6/30/72   Engineering Aid, UCSD




        Master of Science,  1974, Biology  (Ecology & Computer Modeling),  SDSU

        Bachelor of Arts, 1971, Biology, San Diego State University

        Associate of Arts, 1968, Mira Costa Jr. College, Oceanside




        Robert P. Schields Scholarship, 1972

        First Marine Division Association Scholarship, 1968-70

        Clausey Medal of Honor Society Scholarship, 1968

        California State Scholarship, 1968




        Body temperature thermometer and method for measuring human  body

        temperature utilizing calibration mapping.  Patent #5293877, Mar.

        15, 1994 with O'Hara and Korff.




        Computer  compatible data collection.  Journal  of  Paleontology.

        1977. 51:4 858-875. (Senior. author, with Wallace and Kling).


        The photosynthesis-light curve; a simple analog model. Journal of

        Theoretical Biology. 1977. 64:503-516.


        Sedimentation  and climatic patterns in the Santa  Barbara  Basin

        during the 19th and 20th centuries. 1977.  Geological Society  of

        America Bulletin, 88:1161-1172. (with Soutar).


        Monitoring   the   marine  environment;   an   approach   through

        sedimentation.   Nature.  266:5598  136-139.  March  1977.  (with

        Soutar, Bruland, Kling & Duffrin).


        Hyperbaric  fish trap; operation and deployment in the deep  sea.

        (with Phleger & McConnaughey).




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